Cover of Overload by Lydia Little

An intimate account of a journey from grief to gratitude

Lydia with her brother Fergus.
Lydia and Fergus

Lydia Little tells the story of her extraordinary brother, Fergus O’Farrell, by bringing the reader through an intimate, raw account of his wake and funeral – all the while carrying the secret of how he really died.

Fergus was the charismatic voice of Interference, an iconic band in the Irish music scene in the 1990s. His song “Gold” features in the Oscar-winning  film Once, which stars his close friend Glen Hansard. Breaking Out, an award-winning film telling the story of Fergus’s life, went out on general release in 2021.

Overload is not just a tale of loss and secrecy. It is also a discovery of music and the joy that can be found within grief and giving ourselves permission to allow that joy in.

‘It’s a great read.  I’ll say that a hundred times – it really is a great read’ — Brendan Courtney talks to Lydia about Overload on The Ryan Tubridy Show . 

“A unique perspective on the life and death of Fergus O’Farrell, an original authentic poetic genius. His music will outlive us all.” — Steve Coogan, actor and comedian

“Overload tells a story we feel we all know – that of grief and loss – in such detail and complexity that it is always compelling. It is an intimate after-party to which we’re all invited.” — Tara Flynn, actress

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